Personal Damages

If you are involved in a car accident or a personal injury claim, we will ask you to provide as much detailed information and documentation as you can. This will help us to make the most accurate determination of your loss.

To calculate your total financial loss we may ask for:

  • T4 slips
  • Income tax returns and Notice of Assessment
  • Bank statements
  • Payroll slips or pay stubs
  • Employee benefit booklets
  • Insurance policies for any available disability benefits
  • Commission statements
  • Collective bargaining agreements

If you are self-employed, we may also ask for:

  • Financial statements of the business and supporting documentation
  • Bank statements of the business and the owner
  • Payroll journals
  • Retail sales tax returns
  • Monthly sales records
  • Any other information or documentation you feel could be helpful in understanding your situation.

We will use that information along with our additional research to perform a thorough analysis of your financial situation from the date of the accident to the date of the settlement. Jarvie & Company will then provide a clear and unbiased report of our calculations and answer any questions you might have.


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