Our Reports

At Jarvie & Company, we are Chartered Professional Accountants, business valuators, and forensic accountants  - but we know that you may not be! We understand that reading an accounting report can be daunting, especially when you are dealing with the upheaval of a financial loss and possibly physical injuries as well. Our reports are both thorough and accessible. The result is a report that is more than just numbers, it is a reflection of the impact of the loss on you and/or your business. 

Every report is unique.  However, in general, you can expect to see the following in a Jarvie & Company report:

1. Written (Narrative) Report

2. Calculation Schedules

Following the written report are the calculation schedules.  Every calculation starts with the information prepared by or for the business.  As a result, the first schedule or two summarize the financial information provided to us.

Financial statements and income tax returns reflect the history of a business or person.  To complete our calculations, we also need to consider the present and future income.  On each subsequent calculation schedule we set out our approach to calculating what should have been earned and what is expected to be earned.

On the final calculation schedule, we bring everything together into a summary of how much has been lost and how much may be payable.

Every schedule contains references to help the reader follow the flow of information from one schedule to the next, and notes to explain how and why amounts have been calculated.


Although we will do our best to provide a clear, concise explanation of our calculations in our written report, we know that you may still have questions, which we will be happy to answer. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us to schedule an appointment to review your report with one of our team members.