When will my report be done?

If you recently provided us with information, thank you.  We understand and appreciate the importance of completing our reports as quickly as possible.  How long that may take though depends on many things, some of which we are unable to control.  

We do take the time to understand your situation and the information provided.  We take the time to prepare calculations and reports that reflect your story and unique situation.  Once our reports are drafted we take the time to check them and have them reviewed by at least one other professional accountant in our office.

Generally, we aim to issue reports relating to an insurance claim within 3 to 4 weeks of receiving the necessary information - but this always depends on the nature of your unique business and the type of information you are able to provide us.  

You can also help us complete our reports more quickly by providing all the information we asked for.  The sooner we can review your documents, the sooner we can complete our report.  Unfortunately, providing only some of the information we may request usually delays our reports.  We will only ask for information that may make a difference to what is owed.

You are welcome to contact us to discuss, or if you referred a file to us directly, you may log in to see more details including the most recent dates that information was requested and received, whether we believe sufficient information has been provided to draft a report, and an estimate of our progress toward a completed report.